Traffic recharge/iot solutions/International communications

Core competence

Many years of experience in the field of communication, a variety of communication solutions, perfect after-sales service system

Communication experience
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National/regional network coverage
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Main business and solutions

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Strive to be the communication expert around you!
  • eSIM embed integration support
  • Multi-carrier multi-service support
  • CMP Global Connectivity

Support China Mobile, Unicom, Telecom traffic recharge, business coverage nationwide, for financial, banking and individual customers to provide high-quality and low-cost traffic services。

It can provide Internet communication services in more than 100 countries around the world such as Japan, South Korea, New Malaysia, Thailand and the United States。

  • The next generation of cloud call centers
  • Intelligent online customer service
  • Powerful CRM
  • Flexible work order management system
  • Monitoring and statistics platform
  • South Korea Duty free shop airport transfer service, duty free shop gold card processing and cash back
  • Discount coupons for duty-free shops in Japan
  • Offer a daily duty free shop 95% discount coupon

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