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Company profile

Shanghai Zhuoyi Network Communication Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Zhuoyi Telecom) was established in September 2005。In the mobile industry platform technology, application products, sales channels, service network and other fields with China's three major operators to carry out all-round in-depth cooperation, and accumulated rich experience, business coverage of 32 provinces and cities。 JOYTEL has been overseas since 2011。In 2014, Korea JOYTEL was established to operate local MVNO business。In December 2016, the Hong Kong Zhuo One Core network project was launched, and in 2018, it officially became Hong Kong FULL MVNO。 It has value-added telecom business license, covering domestic Internet virtual private network business, Internet access service business, domestic multi-party communication service business, domestic call center business, information service business。

The company's business is mainly composed of four areas。
The first piece of basic business: basic telecom operation business, including broadband telephone, communication value-added services。At present, China Unicom has set up an offline business hall in Shanghai, covering nearly 200,000 residential users in Shanghai。
The second core business: Internet of Things business, the company has a self-owned platform and brand, has issued more than 2 million cards。
The third piece of business expansion: domestic traffic business, the company has developed a traffic interaction platform docking China Mobile, Unicom, telecom, the business scope covers the whole country, to provide high-quality and low-cost traffic services for financial, banking and individual customers。
The fourth business development: software platform development services, to provide customers with global positioning cloud platform, cellular connection management platform, device management and data analysis Internet of Things cloud platform Paas and Saas services

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Many years of experience in the field of communication, a variety of communication solutions, perfect after-sales service system

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